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Some of my stuff

pg-checksource / pg-parser

A tool for doing analysis on SQL using PostgreSQL's own parser and lexer (which it also provides an interface to). It can do rudimentary style checks at the moment but eventually do more stuff like calculating query complexity etc.

Perl bindings to SpiderMonkey - the JS engine used in Firefox. It lets you execute JS from within Perl and expose Perl objects to JS and vice versa.


A work in progress software visualization / comprehension suite which will analyze sourcecode and build a model on how everything is connected from 10,000 ft down to the tiniest function. It's been a bit of work in progress the past 8-9 years since I wrote CPANXR which was a cross-referencer for CPAN.


Alternate runloop for Perl which records what is being executed for later playback in a viewer. A excellent debugging tool for post crash forensics.